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A120 Children Furniture Drawing Table for Kids and Children

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A120 Children Furniture Drawing Table for Kids and Children

Material: Negative Oxygen Ion Board(Rubber solid wood),
Medium carbon steel
Desktop Size: 120cmx72cm
Bookshelf: 40cm
Adjustable height of desk:53cm-76cm
Desktop Tilting Range: 0-40(reading/writing/drawing)
Tilting Angle Indicator: YES
Elbow Support: YES 
Semi-circle Ergonomic Design: YES
Book Holder: YES 
Schoolbag Hook: YES 
Color: Pink/blue/green
This is the description of A120 Children Furniture Drawing Table for Kids and Children

Negative oxygen ion board :



Environmental protection:★★★★

Corrosion resistance:★★★

Resistance to deformation:★★★★

Clean air, calm the mind, ecological, healthy

GMYD Negative oxygen ion board is a kind of functional board, processed by Nano-catalyst technology, it can release negative oxygen ion which is healthy to human body, making breathe freely, study happily.

Negative oxygen ion is considered as “vitamin in air”, it can eliminate tiredness, improve sleep effectively; and have the function dedusting, deodorization, eliminating static and formaldehyde, etc. .also it can restrain infectious germs of respiratory tract effectively.

Item No.


Color of steel frame


Desktop Size


Bookshelf size


Height Adjustment


Height Adjusting Mechanism

manual lifting

Desktop Tilt Angle


Magic Drawer


Elbow Support


Plastic Material


Wood Material

Rubber Solid Wood E0 Grade

Tubular Material

Medium carbon steel



  • The desk grows with your child, suitable for 3~18 years old children, height adjustable by the hand crank, children can do it easily. 
  • Book holder, free hands, keep good reading angle, protect eyesight.
  • Tilting desktop, by anti-pinch crank, tilt the desktop, for reading, writing, drawing.
  • Elbow support plate, with the ergonomic semi-circle design, relax strain of shoulder and waist, keep body straight.
  • Drawer: more space  for storing school things such as books, pencils, and so on, very convenient, and help child keep good storing habit.
  • Bookshelf, more spaces for books, lamps, computer, clocks, and so on.

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